Teilhard de Chardin  “… man has no value save for that part of himself which passes into the universe.” 

The corpus of ancient Egyptian funerary texts demonstrate an advanced twenty-first century knowledge of space physics, quantum physics, microbiology, and evolutionary genetics.  With this expansive knowledge base, the pharaonic priesthood ordered the carving of a sophisticated symbolic system of art and hieroglyphs into the tombs of the pharaohs and nobility to conceal their religion of Science from the common people. Myth and religion are often characterized by events violating our physical reality, such as virgin births and dying/rising gods. The Isis Thesis offers a new interpretation of the meaning of ancient Egyptian religious texts, showing that the signs of the sacred are actually signs related to the quantum domain. Decoding  an  elaborate  network  of  over  870  signs  in  eight  different Egyptian texts  spanning  2000  years,  the  thesis  explains  how  the Egyptian afterlife is the quantum domain, and their deities represent genes and proteins. The purpose of their scientific knowledge is to describe the universal evolutionary message that links humans to Nature through biology.   With  knowledge,  the  Pharaohs  insist  that  humanity  can  re-invent itself  at  Death by means of horizontal gene transfer mediated by bacteriophage Lambda, a virus that infects bacteria. Although the language of religion and science seem different, both emphasize the central order of nature relative to DNA and information.

Seven Themes of Ancient Egypt:

Merging with the Sun God or Light

Brother rivalry Seth/Horus

Osiris dead

Virgin birth by Milk Goddess Isis


Osiris risen from dead

Great flood/millions

The Biophysical Revelation

Texts support that the two genetic arms of Lambda DNA (Osiris) are the quantum world-heart of our cosmos, producing two DNA-texts for survival.  Put simply, the left arm results in the creation of the human world of matter via sexual genesis or vertical gene transfer (VGT), while the right arm results in transformation to energy through horizontal gene transfer (HGT) and asexual genesis (cloning) in the quantum domain.  This new biophysical interpretation of the core ancient Egyptian myth is supported by over 870 ancient Egyptian signs in the least-corrupted texts.

Seth (sign for c1 protein and left arm) becomes the father of the human race by his theft of the right arm of the Lambda genome. This results in the death or dormancy of Osiris. When Horus (sign for cro protein and right arm) is victorious over Seth, both arms are operative under “Rightful Order” (Maat), the two gods are reconciled, and Osiris rises from the dead. This results in the horizontal gene transfer and cloned transformation of the deceased to energy for growth of Mind in the cosmos.

The virgin mother goddess Isis is central to this asexual transformation as the sign for lactose, the necessary nutrient medium. The great flood of millions signifies the cloned transformation of the Dead King to energy in the cosmos, rather than matter in the earth system.

This secret root of pharaonic biopower, knowledge of continuity beyond life as energy, rippled through history to the early Christian era, where the regime of Catholicism defeated Gnosticism and misinterpreted the biological signs from ancient Egypt, mystifying the signs through literalism, confession, and exorcism of Satanic behavior.
Gnosticism and Catholicism both centered on Christ’s life, but each revelation of the seven-themed Osirian chemistry had important variations.  The Gnostics believed Christ was a sign whereas the Catholics believed Christ was a real suffering human.  This literalism, where signs are interpreted as real people or events, is an early Christian trademark yet the Gnostics advised against taking the sign literally.  The Gnostic Gospel of Philip states, “the names of earthly things are illusory.  We stray from the real to the unreal”.

Still, abstract biological concepts soon gained a Catholic material existence.  With the Catholic Church’s victory of Constantine’s conversion in 306, Gnostic texts were buried, but the heritage of Egyptian biosemiotics (biological signs) remained literalized in Catholic doctrines of virgin birth, incarnation, the cross, resurrection – all signs masking a genetic option for continuity in the quantum.

According to Foucault, “The problem is changing the “regime of truth”, not so much what is in people’s heads, but the political, economic institutional regimes of the production of truth.”

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