Welcome to isisthesis.com. Celebrating the work of Judy Kay King. Please note, this domain is currently under re-construction.

In 2021, this domain was acquired with the intention of preserving the message of author, Judy Kay King who was active circa 2004-2019. I am a Kemetic practitioner with a keen interest in mysticism, Egyptology and science. I don’t know the author and can only speculate about why her domain was abandoned. Previously at isisthesis.com, Judy made her articles available for free and those articles are available once again. Please note, I do not own the copyright to the author’s work. The information re-constructed here is done so purely out of literary and historical interest.

Hi, I’m Scott, the current curator of isisthesis.com. To learn more about me, please visit my Youtube Channel, The Intuitive Kemetic or visit my blog, KemeticBlog.com.

Below is the original Mission Statement of Judy Kay King:

“With the hope that we can understand our position in history and the role of the evolutionary process, this transdisciplinary quest encourages human beings to reconsider their ideas relative to contemporary scientific research. The Isis Thesis, the twelve published articles, and Balls of Fire deconstruct religion as science and present compelling new scientific research on evolution as they expose the complicated roots motivating biopower and zero in on the power/knowledge grid that thrives on the weaknesses of human beings. This research is motivated by my belief that early cultures and historical individuals possessed knowledge that would shed light on life and death, thereby eliminating the fear of the unknown for humans at death. If we can understand our obsessions, unify our sciences, and overcome our weaknesses through this knowledge, then we have used our free will to achieve our full potential. Perhaps we can humanize our viral behavior, mitigate the biological mechanisms that influence our culture, and eliminate war, genocide, and rivalry.”