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What did this study of signs explore?

What is the Isis Thesis in a nut shell?

What is horizontal gene transfer and viral replication?

Who else knew the secret?

Where did their knowledge come from? 

Are all religions trying to tell us this same information?

Does this mean Religion is Science?

Why are we so confused?

Who are we anyway?

Is the earth a cell?

What does all this really mean?

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 Chapter Tutorials for

The Isis Thesis


1.  The  Isis  Thesis  reveals  that  the  Pharaohs,  nobility  and  priesthood  of  Ancient  Egypt  understood  Horizontal  Gene  Transfer  (HGT)  as  the  preferred  transformation  option  for  humans at  death.   Modern  science  may  be  on  the  brink  of  this  discovery.   For  a  summary  of  current  evolutionary  theory  related  to  Horizontal  Gene  Transfer,  click  HERE

2.  For  recent  research  on  Viruses,  click  HERE

3.  January 2007  News from  Rice  University  on  HGT    HERE

4.  What  is  Biosemiotics?

5.  How did life evolve?

6.  Support for The Isis Thesis:  Can Viruses Make Us Human by Luis Villarreal


Chapter 1        Egyptian Texts                                               

                                          Online Egyptian Texts           

                                                    Thothweb Library of Online Egyptian Texts (Emerald Tablet)                   


                                 String Theory                                Basic or Advanced Explanations                  

                                                 Simple  T-Duality Explanation

                                            Understanding Two Infinities (From Stars to Quarks) 

                         Image of Particle or Galaxy?                                           


Chapter 2        Earth's Magnetosphere                        Animated Earth Simulation

                                      Fundamental Space Physics (Images)

                                Magnetosphere                                NASA Images of Magnetosphere            

                                                                                NASA Site on Magnetosphere            

                                       Magnetic Stress, Flux Ropes and More Images                              SuperNova Death

                                    Flux Transfer Events (paper)                  Image of Earth and Trapped Particles

                                                           Simulation Images of Earth's Magnetotail




Chapter 3     Black Holes and White Holes

Osiris  is  wearing the  White Crown,  a  fair  replica  of  a  White  Hole.   Isis'  name  depicts  an  empty  throne  or  seat,  which  she  is  wearing  here,  indicating  the  removal  of  the  Lambda  prophage  (Osiris)  from  the  lactose  gene  seat  (empty  throne).

                                                         Anatomy of Black Hole          

                         Einstein-Rosen Bridge                                    Naked Singularities and More                   

                                   White Holes and Wormholes          Understanding the Universe         

                                                                                Guide to Black Holes              Time Machines

                                                                                Spinning Black Hole Eye

                            Ankh                                  Image    

                   Sign of  Ankh Decoded:     Lac Repressor Looping DNA to tie off the Lactose Genes   Image

                          Particle Annihilation                          NSF Particle Adventure (Multi-lingual)    


Chapter 4       DNA Recombination and Magnetic Reconnection

                              DNA                `                      DNA Damage and Repair (Powerpoint)

                                 Animated Coulomb Staircase             Holliday Model of DNA Recombination

                                     Magnetic Reconnection (Image)

                           Cells           E. coli bacterium                Horizontal Gene Transfer (Syvanen 1994)

                                   Evolution of Our Cell Type                Online Biology Book


                           Bacteriophage Lambda and its Genetic Cross                    

                                Overview                                        Another Overview               

                                    Lambda's Spherical Head                   Lambda Structure         Mace Structure

                                          Animated Holliday Junction

                                              Intro to  Viruses (Images)        Bacteriophage Research/Images    

                         Back to Top


Chapter 5              Universe is Dodecahedron (dual of Icosahedron)           

                                 Icosahedral Constructions                Dodecahedral Constructions

                                       Plato's Model of Universe


Chapter 6        Nonlocality          Explanation by F. David Peat

                               Life from Death                         Laws of Thermodynamics        

           Genetic  material can  be  transferred  from  dead  cells  to  live cells:        Avery et al.  (1944)  

                                      Holliday Model of Genetic Recombination

                             Holliday Model in E. coli

                             Holliday Swastika                            More


Chapter 7        Atum and Creation            Higgs Particle


Chapter 8        Carl Pribram                                    Holographic Brain Theory

                          Penrose/Hameroff                Quantum Consciousness

                    Henry P. Stapp                    Quantum Mechanics accommodates Consciousness

                    Eye of Horus                      Image


Chapter 9       Bacterial Genetics            Phage Lambda                    Phage Images



Chapter 10     DNA = Word                  Intro to DNA                            DNA                   

                                                                        Thymine Dimer/DNA


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Chapter 11    Proteins          Protein Action Molecules

                                                           Protein Structure

                                                               Protein-DNA Interactions (Images)

                           Protein Rivalry              Lambda Cro protein v. cI protein         

                                                           Six Operator Sites of Lambda                          

Chapter 13   Isis as Lactose                    Lactose Metabolism                    

                                                             DNA loop/ Lac Repressor Protein   (called Isis-knot or tiyet (ties off lactose)


Chapter 14    Assembling Family                                Protein Folding Landscapes


Chapter 15    Book Amduat                                                                                                                   

                         Hidden Chamber of Osiris                    Lambda Prophage on Host Chromosome     

                         Hour 5                         Holliday Junction (paper with Images)    


                        Seven Serpents (Proteins)

                                          Protein Data Bank Tutorial

 Apopis or LexA Repressor Protein

 The 4-Coiled Monster  (Pyramid Text 502)  

From Protein Data Bank: Fogh, R.H.,  Ottleben, G.,  Ruterjans, H.,  Schnarr, M.,  Boelens, R.,  Kaptein, R. Solution structure of the LexA repressor DNA binding domain determined by 1H NMR spectroscopy. EMBO J. v13 pp.3936-3944 , 1994


Mehen or Rec A Protein


On left from Protein Data Bank: Story, R.M., Weber, I.T., Steitz, T.A.  The structure of the E. coli recA protein monomer and polymer. Nature. v355: 318-25, 1992.

The crystal structure of the recA protein from Escherichia coli at 2.3-A resolution reveals two smaller subdomains at the N and C termini protrude from the protein and respectively stabilize a 6(1) helical polymer of protein subunits and interpolymer bundles.

On right RecA compressed helical filament exhibits Star of David shape.    From Protein Data Bank: Xing, X, and Bell, C.E. Crystal Structures of Escherichia coli RecA in a Compressed Helical Filament J.Mol.Biol. v42 pp.1471-1485 , 2004


                                                    Lambda Cro and C1 Binding with Images

                             Lambda cro repressor Protein                                     Horus           

                                 Lambda cI repressor Protein in Fig. 15.4b, p. 166                    Seth 


CAP Protein (Fig. 15.5, p. 167)

                                 CAP Protein in Fig. 15.5, p. 167 

DNA/RNA binding protein, 3 helical bundle: "Winged Helix" DNA-binding domain; from E. coli  


From Protein Data Bank: Chen, S.,  Vojtechovsky, J.,  Parkinson, G.N.,  Ebright, R.H.,  Berman, H.M. Indirect Readout of DNA Sequence at the Primary-kink Site in the CAP-DNA Complex: DNA Binding Specificity Based on Energetics of DNA Kinking J.Mol.Biol. v314 pp.63-74 , 2001


ISIS or Lac Opero


 Lac Repressor Protein  looping and bound to DNA (ties off lactose genes -- aka the  Isis-knot     

From Protein Data Bank: Protein Data Bank Molecule of the Month (2003); Illustrator David S. Goodsell.


Chapter 16        Book of Gates        Budge's Online Text    (see p. 253 in Isis Thesis about Budge's false enumeration)


Chapter 20        Book of the Dead            Budge's Online Text        (Isis Thesis decodes text by Faulkner)

                            Our Universe        Take a Trip through the Big Bang

                                         Black & White Holes               Hawking Radiation               Dark Energy

Information Can Escape from a Black Hole

Evidence for idea of Egyptian Quantum Teleportation in Black Holes (see Isis Thesis, p. 311)



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