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What did this study of signs explore?

What is the Isis Thesis in a nut shell?

What is horizontal gene transfer and viral replication?

Who else knew the secret?

Where did their knowledge come from? 

Are all religions trying to tell us this same information?

Does this mean Religion is Science?

Why are we so confused?

Who are we anyway?

Is the earth a cell?

What does all this really mean?

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The Road from Orion

a surreal story



The Road from Orion is visionary fiction based on fictional characters, facts, great works of art and an authentic study decoding 870 ancient Egyptian signs.



The story begins in 1983, when Dr. Lucia Farrell

takes a leave of absence from the University of Arizona

to conduct a biotechnology experiment that will support her thesis on the hidden meaning of ancient Egyptian signs.  


Setting: 1983 Arizona


Dr. Farrell  enlists the talents of two undergraduate students.   If they can prove that the hidden Egyptian wisdom is threaded through the works culture has cherished as great art, then Lucia's thesis will have support from History's greatest minds.  Her biotechnology experiment will provide the practical evidence, that is,

  if the students survive the cloning.



Curious about the effects of mind-expanding drugs, the students agree to ingest an alchemical white powder secreted from the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid.  Questing to discover the Pharaoh's lost knowledge they also experience the primal meaning of the work of art.


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The Origin of Art



The protagonists in The Road from Orion  discover that mind expansion, madness and creativity are closely linked to the origin of the work of art and the

hidden meaning of the Egyptian funerary texts. 


 Their explorations take them into a surreal web of inter-connected works of art where great writers,

philosophers, artists, and musicians are brought

back from the dead to reveal clues to the

Egyptian mysteries.




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