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What did this study of signs explore?

What is the Isis Thesis in a nut shell?

What is horizontal gene transfer and viral replication?

Who else knew the secret?

Where did their knowledge come from? 

Are all religions trying to tell us this same information?

Does this mean Religion is Science?

Why are we so confused?

Who are we anyway?

Is the earth a cell?

What does all this really mean?

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Ancient Egyptian Proverb:  Images are nearer reality than cold definitions


In the Book Amduat, textual descriptions and actual drawings show a remarkable correspondence between Egyptian serpents and DNA-binding proteins.  When describing DNA-binding proteins, the Pharaohs portrayed the molecules as serpents with three, four, or five heads that correspond to the protein's alpha helices (primary structure) and beta sheets (secondary structure).  Our scientists often refer to beta sheets as wings. 


Scientists describe the Lambda cI (c-one) repressor protein as having 5 alpha helices (heads) in a bundle with helices two and three forming a helix-turn-helix.  One can easily equate this five-helix bundle and its function with the image of the five-headed serpent repressing the inert Osiris (dormant Lambda genome) in Amduat Hour Six below. In all Egyptian texts studied, Osiris rises from the dead to break the bonds of this serpentine repressor protein and activate the lytic pathway. Cellular events are clearly defined in the texts and mirror the knowledge of our modern scientists on Lambda behavior.



The Ankh. Isis is the biological sign for the Lac proteins/genes responsible for production of the sugar lactose in bacteria. A remarkable DNA loop structure that looks like the Egyptian ankh forms at the Lac genes, where the Lambda genome (Osiris) is lodged on the host chromosome.  This DNA loop structure, referred to as the tiyet or Isis-knot, represents the Lac repressor protein that binds to the DNA and prevents the transcription of the lactose genes. In Gardiner’s Egyptian Grammar the ideogram for the symbol of life known as ’the ankh’ is described as "tie or strap." The DNA loop structure ties off or blocks production of three lactose proteins necessary for the rising or excision of the Lambda genome (Osiris) from the host chromosome. In the Book of the Dead, Chapter 156 is the Chapter for a knot-amulet, stating, "You have your power, O Isis . . . The amulet is a protection for this Great One." The Isis-knot is the marker for the "Hidden Chamber" of Osiris (30 bp region) next to the lactose gene seat of Isis on the bacterial host chromosome. Similarly, the sacred symbol of the Sumerian goddess Inanna called Inanna’s knot is a stylized bundle of reeds bent into a loop.


Lac Repressor Protein looping the DNA at Protein Data Bank.


In lysogeny, Lambda attaches its tail to the host cell, penetrating the cell. It then injects its DNA down the tail into the cell. Once inside the cell, the DNA circularizes and becomes negatively supercoiled or twisted reversely with a zig-zag backbone, referred to as Z-DNA. The Lambda DNA or genome (Osiris) then must go through a DNA cross called a Holliday junction which is a seven base pair (7 bp) branch migration or what the texts refer to as seven gates or the Boat of the Branch in Amduat Hour Three. The Holliday junction is a site-specific recombination process responsible for integration and excision of bacteriophage genomes into and out of the host bacterium. The genome then lodges on the host cell DNA at a specific spot: the Hidden Chamber between the b-gal and bio genes. The b-gal gene is another name for the lactose genes or Isis. The major portion of phage protein is derived from the lactose nutrient medium, thus Isis as the Lady of Provisions plays a major role. The Lambda genome or Osiris falls asleep here next to the inactive lactose genes that are tied off by the lac repressor protein or the Isis-knot. The genome or Osiris becomes dormant, inert, or dead, to be silently replicated with the bacterial cell DNA, resulting in our classical world and the Conspiracy of Seth.

Holliday Junction.  Public Domain Protein Data Bank ID: 1HJP. Nishino et al. 1998.






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