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What did this study of signs explore?

What is the Isis Thesis in a nut shell?

What is horizontal gene transfer and viral replication?

Who else knew the secret?

Where did their knowledge come from? 

Are all religions trying to tell us this same information?

Does this mean Religion is Science?

Why are we so confused?

Who are we anyway?

Is the earth a cell?

What does all this really mean?

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The Isis Thesis  

Three  Predictions


More  and  more  scientific  evidence  is  supporting

  evolutionary  gene  shuffling   through  horizontal

  gene  transfer  mediated  by  bacteriophage.  

Based  on  the  Egyptian  funerary  texts,  

The  Isis  Thesis  predicts  that  

at  a  human  death,  the  process  of 

 horizontal  gene  transfer  mediated  by 

bacteriophage  Lambda  can  occur  for  

human  genes  under  specific  conditions  


This  innovation  preserves  our  human  genetic

  essence  from  an  evolutionary  dead  end.   The

  Egyptian  texts  insist  that  horizontal  gene  transfer 

 is   an   accelerated  pathway   to   a    fitness  peak,   an

  escape   from   genetic   confinement


For  more  on  Horizontal  Gene Transfer  see  the  British  Journal  Nature  HERE which  is  hosting  free  temporary  online  access  to  review  articles.



Based  on  the  Egyptian  funerary  texts,  

The  Isis  Thesis  predicts  that

  In  the  beginning  was  bacteriophage Lambda,  

the  world-heart  of  our  Universe 


This  world-heart  is  the  origin  of  the  geometry  of

  our  spacetime  and  quantum  phenomena.

This   tailed  bacteriophage    has   an   icosahedral

  head  of  20  equilateral  triangles   arranged  around 

 the  face  of  a  sphere.  Thus,  one  can  understand 

 the  triangular  shape  of  the  pyramids  with  their 

 tail-like  causeways,   the  presence 

 of  long  tails  on  deities,  and  the

  emphasis  in  the  texts  on  language  related  to

  heads,  tails,  vertices,  and  faces


Related  to  Lambda  morphology  (shape),  

Luminet  et  al.  (2003)

  analyzed  light  data  remaining  from  the  

Big  Bang,  observed  by  NASA's  Wilkinson

  Microwave  Anisotrophy  Probe  (WMAP).  

Based  on  this  cosmic  radiation  afterglow,  they

  determined  that  the  shape  of  our  Universe  is  a

 dodecahedron  enclosed  in  a  hypersphere.


Although  this  claim  was  contested  by  

Cornish  et  al. (2004),  the  dodecahedral  topology

  reinforces  the  main  conclusion   of  

The  Isis  Thesis  that  the  micro-structure  that  left

  this  signature  at   the   origin  of  Time  before  the

  Big  Bang  was  phage  Lambda


The  icosahedron  is  a  triangular  model  of  five-fold

  symmetry  in  three  dimensions,  having  20  faces,  12 

 vertices,  and  30  edges,  while  the  dodecahedron  has 

 a  pentagonal  shape  with  12  faces,  20  vertices,  and 

 30  edges.  In  Timaeus,  Plato  also  used  the

  dodecahedron  (dual  to  the  icosahedron)  to 

 describe  the cosmos


Click  HERE  to  read  an  article  on  Dr.  Luminet's  research



Culture and Nature are inextricably linked.

If phage Lambda is the world-heart or origin of DNA then

cultural behavior should mirror its DNA dynamics.


Man the MisInterpretant:

Will he discover the universal secret of sexuality encoded within him?


Henry Gee  from  Nature 2-12-01 article "A Journey into the Genome:  What's  there"

 "Large  stretches  of  the  human  genome  show  signs  of  having  once,  perhaps  millions  of  years  ago,  been  viruses. . .  The  genome  is  a  museum  of  the  viral  infections  suffered  by  humanity  and  its  ancestors.  Viruses  made  us  what  we  are."



Cornish, N.J., Spergel, D.N., Starkman, G. D., and Komatsu, E. 2004. Constraining the topology of the universe. Phys. Rev. Lett. 92.201302.

Luminet, J.P., Weeks, J.R., Riazuelo, A., Lehoucq, R. and Uzan, J.-P. 2003. Dodecahedral space topology as an explanation for the weak wide-angle temperature correlation in the cosmic microwave background. Nature. 425, 593-595.


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