Egyptian Symbology

With the hope that we can understand our position in history and the role of the evolutionary process, this transdisciplinary quest encourages human beings to reconsider their ideas relative to contemporary scientific research.

The Isis Thesis, the twelve published articles, and Balls of Fire deconstruct religion as science and present compelling new scientific research on evolution as they expose the complicated roots motivating biopower and zero in on the power/knowledge grid that thrives on the weaknesses of human beings.This research is motivated by my belief that early cultures and historical individuals possessed knowledge that would shed light on life and death, thereby eliminating the fear of the unknown for humans at death. If we can understand our obsessions, unify our sciences, and overcome our weaknesses through this knowledge, then we have used our free will to achieve our full potential. Perhaps we can humanize our viral behavior, mitigate the biological mechanisms that influence our culture, and eliminate war, genocide, and rivalry.

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Judy K. King, M.A. is author of The Isis Thesis (presented at the 2006 International Congress for Young Egyptologists), The Road from Orion, 12 related scientific articles published in international journals, and Balls of Fire: a Science of Life and Death. Her credentials include 20 years of experience in adult education. Currently, King is a member of the Semiotic Society of America and a humanities instructor at North Central Michigan College.

In early 2006, Judy King submitted a scientific abstract to the review committee organized by the Universidade de Lisboa for the Second International Congress for Young Egyptologists to be held in Lisbon Portugal, October 23-26, 2006. The conference theme was "Erotica, Erotism and Sexuality in Ancient Egypt" relative to Religion and Afterlife, History and Daily Life, and Art and Literature. Presenting the paper "Biosemiotics in Ancient Egyptian Texts: the Key unlocking the Universal Secret of Sexuality," King explained the microbiological message of hybrid evolution in Egyptian funerary art and literature. Since biologists consider the union of genetic material as biological sex, the "Universal Secret of Sexuality" concerned horizontal gene transfer, the exchange of DNA between two species--organic  human DNA and viral DNA. According to biologist Lynn Margulis in Microcosmos, "Even the infection of humans by an influenza virus is a sexual act in that genetic material inserts itself in our cells" (1986, 156). Here is King's presentation at the Museu da Farmácia Auditorium in Lisbon on October 25, 2006.